Monday, 19 April 2010

A VERY BIG Change.....

Hi Swaggernauts!
I am thinking about changing this blog to a full-out web site providing widgets and other things on proper pages. This might benefit me as I will be able to update content when it needs to be updated and add features that Blogger would not allow.



from ysoliman2010
See you soon!


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Offers Wall 4 - Good or Bad?

Hi Swaggernauts!
You know the OfferWall (Special Offers Wall 4) that was released today? (or yesterday) Today I was reading some of the posts on the SB FaceBook page and some Swaggernauts are saying the OfferWall (wall 4) is a waste of time and the customer service team had a bad attitude! I don't know whether OfferWall Wall 4 is good or not as I can not view the offers abroad.

Send your comments to

from ysoliman2010
P.S - Did you hear about the Volcanic Ash Cloud flight disruption incident?

A New Wall

Hi Swaggernauts!
TSG has released a new offers wall with a rating system! I hope the offers on this wall (OfferWall) will credit and have a better quality. I am currently abroad so I can't see the offers but hopefully when I get back to the UK there will be some new offers for me to do.


from ysoliman2010

Swagcode Review - 2nd Code - 16/04/2010

Hi Swaggernauts!
Here is the 2nd Swagcode Breakdown for the 16th April - This was a BLOG CODE.
Here was the alert on the Swidget:

On the blog, you would have seen this at the top of a new post:

Reading through the post, you may not have noticed the code the first time, but never forget that TSG can hide codes just about anywhere...Even in images:

Enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

Always make sure to read EVERYTHING, or you could very well miss a code or an important clue.

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released at 4pm PDT*
*This code expired at 5pm PDT*

FROM Ysoliman2010

SwagCode Review -16/04/2010

Hi Swaggernauts!
Here is the swagcode breakdown for the FIRST blog CODE on the 16th April.

If you checked your Swidget early in the code, you may have noticed there were some problems:

If you went searching anyway, you would have come across this at the top of a new blog post:

At the bottom of the post, you would have found a code:

But wait...Early in the code, the code box was gone. There is a way around it though.

You can move your mouse over your swag buck total at the top of the main page and clicking any of the items in the drop down list would have taken you to a page with a code box on it:

You could also have clicked "View Account" next to your name:

Enter the code in the tiny code box, which was located at the LEFT of the page, instead of the right:

This was your reward:

TSG was quick solve the problem and posted an update for the code at around 10:45am PDT on Twitter and FB:

If you didn't get the code using the above breakdown, or you found out about the code after the problem was solved, you would have seen this on the Swidget:

Following the same steps above by finding the code at the bottom of the blog post, you then needed to enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

If there is ever a problem like the one that happened today, TSG will usually get it fixed and sometimes even extend the time for the code. If there is a problem that takes longer to fix, there sometimes is a code to make up for it later in the day. Don't panic if there is a problem, things will get worked out.

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released at 10:30am PDT*
*This code was set to expire at 11:30am PDT*
*Due to problems, this code was extended until 12pm PDT*

from ysoliman2010
2nd breakdown coming....

Friday, 16 April 2010

SwagCode Review - 15/04/2010

Hi Swaggernauts!
Sorry for not posting, feeling a bit ill. Anyway - here is the Blog SwagCode Review. (Frank Sinatra)

Here was the alert on the Swidget:

On the blog, you would have seen this at the top of a new post:

Reading through the post, you would have seen there was a code out and that the Frank Sinatra page could help you get the code. So, you wanted to click the underlined link:

On the Frank Sinatra page, you would have seen this clue in the description, which would have helped you get the code:

Search for "Frank Sinatra":

Then pick a search result:
*Wikipedia is almost always helpful.*

You should have found the information you needed, on that page, to get the code:

Enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released at 2:30pm PDT*
*This code expired at 3:30pm PDT*

from ysoliman2010
P.S - I hope my illness goes.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Hi Swaggernauts!
We have 404! Not the Page Not Found type, 404 viewers! I use a website called LinkRefferal. It gives 1:1 traffic and double for site reviews! Join now and get DOUBLE TRAFFIC!

That's 1:2! Please sign up - this only gives me 1:2 traffic as well. Promote this blog! Lets get to 1000 views! Let's set a goal - to achieve 1000 pageviews by June!

Please sign up - we both get 1:2 traffic (1 click > double traffic)

from ysoliman2010

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Page Views

Hi Swaggernauts!
Have you noticed the Flag Counter?
This site has 399 views! I bet by the time this post is finished there will be 400 viewers!

Wishing you a swag-tastic day

P.S - remember- 500 views = special blog party!
I will tell you about this later.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Swagcode Review - Blog - 12/04/2010

Hello for the 3rd time Swag Nation!
I would like to present the 1st code that was released on the 12th. This was also a blog code.

Here was the alert on the Swidget:

On the blog, you would have seen this at the top of the new post:

Reading through the post, you would have seen that there is a Swagstakes for the Flip UltraHD Camcorder:

At the bottom of the post, you would have seen there was a code on the Flip UltraHD Camcorder Swagstakes page. You could have easily gone to that page by clicking the link, underlined in red, in the image above:
*Also notice in the highlighted area that TSG will be giving out 2 more codes today. Be prepared!*

On the Flip UltraHD Camcorder Swagstakes page, you would have found the code in the description of the item:

Enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

Always remember to check links in blog posts (in blue) which can make finding codes much easier.

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released around 10am PDT*
*This code expired at 11am PDT*
From ysoliman2010
Thank you for reading this.

Swag Code Review - Blog - 12/04/2010

Hi Swaggernauts!
This is the 2nd code - the 3rd code was posted first - now I will review the 2nd code.
Here was the alert on the Swidget:

On the blog, you would have seen a new post about Linkin Park:

At the bottom of the blog, you would have seen that to get the code, you needed to find Linkin Park's debut album, put it as 1 word, ALL CAPS and add the number of tracks to the end:

So, you can search for Linkin Park's debut album:

Choose a search result:
*Wikipedia is always helpful.*

You should have found the answer in your search results:

Enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released at 4pm PDT*
*This code expired at 5pm PDT*
FROM ysoliman2010
1st code will follow.

SwagCode Review - Twitter 12/04/10

Hi Swaggernauts!
I would like to present to you my first Swag Code Review! - Please note that reviews may take up to three days to appear - example: Code on Friday, Review post by Monday.

Here was the alert on the Swidget:

On Twitter, you would have found the code in TSG's tweet

Enter it into your code box (not search box):

This was your reward:

3rd code today! Hope you got them all!

Congrats to those who got it!

*This code was released at 7pm PDT*
*This code expired at 8pm PDT*

from ysoliman2010

Monday, 12 April 2010

Monitoring the Site's Status?

Hi Swagbucks Updates Blog Viewers (some posts are targeted about this blog)
I have added a Site Status Monitor to make sure that posting and embedded gadgets are running normally and that the site's uptime is 99.99%.

Please contact me at if there is a red cross or no tick/cross at all.

From ysoliman2010.
P.S Look out for code breakdowns. The What You Need To Know page is up and running.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

What you need to Know

Hi Swaggernauts!
A new page is coming!
The What You Need To Know page will give you all the tips, basics and much more!
Look out for this page - should be released by 12pm GMT.

P.S - Have a nice day Swag Nation!

from ysoliman2010.

SwagCode Reviews

Hi Swaggernauts!
I have decided to put the SwagCode review breakdowns on the main blog page. I have not recieved but one vote in my poll. When the next SwagCode comes out, 1-3 days after , I will post a full breakdown explaining where to find the code and the clues involved.

Look out for the new SwagCode breakdowns!

from ysoliman2010
P.S - We have had a problem with the page system - that is the 2nd reason why I can not make a dedicated page.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A very special Poll!

Hello Swag Nation!
Today's poll is very special. It will decide about a new feature on this page. SwagCode Reviews. I will be able to show you screen shots of where the code was hidden and what clues were given. This will start after the poll gets a total of 15 or over votes.

Well - lets ask the question... (Yay! JavaScript worked!!)

from ysoliman2010
P.S - After I have reviewed the poll I will make the decision. If there are not enough votes, I will make a dedicated page.

Crazy Code!

Hello Swagernauts!
Remember yesterday when SwagBucks FB Page reached 200,000 fans? The code was only availiable to 10,000 users! (first 10,000 to redeem)

I think when it got to 5,000 entries left they reduced the value to 10 swagbucks from 20 swag bucks at the beginning. UK users would not be able to catch that code - most of us would be asleep. But the US/Canadian users would be able to snag every code!

Shipping laws restrict the UK from having most prizes delivered so it is a bit harder to find a suitable prize.

Hopefully a code will come when I am awake....

from ysoliman2010

SwagBucks Spotlight

Hi Swaggernauts!
I would like to show you the two popular Spotlight articles!

1. Shop & Earn!
Earn 2 Swag Bucks for every $1.00 spent (approx £0.65) when you buy from leading online retailers! Buy some clothes or mobile phones - get $1 for 2sb bonus!

2. Go Green!
Request a free mobile pack - check how many SBs your phone is worth - send it to SwagBucks Mobile Recycling (address on pack) and when SwagBucks recieves the package within 30 days your account will be credited! Get bigger amounts of SwagBucks for newer items! Request a bigger delivery pack - send off your old games/consoles!

from ysoliman2010

A Swag Bucks App-Etite

Hi Swaggernauts!
Hotel WiFi was down - sorry for not posting.
Anyway, TSG is creating a iPhone/iTouch app for SwagBucks! Rumors say it will contain swag code locations, a special Swidget and account info. We know that there is an iPhone app, and another rumor has it that TSG will release a Android app and a BlackBerry app!

That's all I know!
P.S - To see the Swag Bucks blog post regarding this click here.

from ysoliman2010

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Amazon $2,500 SwagStakes Winner!


Congratulations to Sallie Marie W. for winning the $2,500 Amazon Gift Card through the SwagStakes! I wonder what you will do with that amount of credit? A new TV, Computer set or anything!

Fact: You swaggernauts snagged 50,000 entries!

from ysoliman2010
p.s - Sallie, enjoy the prize!

This site is now licensed.

Hello Swaggernauts!
This site is now licensed and registered under the Creative Commons UK Licensing Scheme. This means that copyright will be restricted and commercialist copying banned. Please read below.

Creative Commons License
SwagBucks Updates Blog by Y.Soliman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
Covering the whole of
from ysoliman2010

POLL - Location, Location

Hi Swaggers!
It's time for my fortnightly Your Input poll. This week's poll question will be asking about your location where you normally use Swag Bucks.

Here it is: (I hoped the javascript version would work- it did'nt....)
Poll expires when post is pushed down

from ysoliman2010

A Very Big Facebook Milestone!

Hi Swaggernauts!
Sorry for the post delay - WiFi at this hotel is slow - the network was'nt working for a day or two. Anyway, the Swag Bucks Official Facebook Page (not the copycat pages) almost has 200,000 fans! That's right, TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND fans! Hopefully we will get a swagcode when the total hits 200k! It would be nice to have an ALL DAY code - from the minute we reach 200k to 24 hours after. The latest blog post on the SB Blog mentions that there might be a reward.....

Commenters are requesting an all day code - might be because they are from the UK, like me!

P.S - There WILL be spammers on this day - watch out for:

  • Lockerz refer. link spammers
  • POC Mania refer. link spammers.
The real SB Facebook page is not called swagBucks, swagbucks, SwAgBucKs or swag Bucks.
The spelling and layout is "Swag Bucks".

from ysoliman2010 - P.S - Get ready for the 200k Party!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

YouTube Video

Hi Swaggernauts!
I have made a youtube video describing how to use swagbucks - I hope you like it! There is a link below or you can play it through this site - embedded. Created by ysoliman2010 - youtube channel name: 2010ysoliman


Created by Admin ysoliman2010

Monday, 5 April 2010

sbUpdates goes Mobile!

Hi Swaggernauts!
Lets start with a question. How many of you have a phone? A lot. How many of you use QR Codes? Well anyone can with a Camera Phone and a QR Code Reader. Our site has went QR Mobile!

Scan the QR code below with your Cameraphone and you will be instantly taken to this blog.
(Standard WAP browsing charges apply to non contract users.


If you are charged for connecting to the Mobile Internet, please do not blame me. I have posted this warning so I will not get in trouble for giving you a large phone bill. Even though I think that won't happen.

Scan the QR Code - get instant mobile access:
- Link to SbUpdates Mobile Site

From ysoliman2010

Step 3..... Complete Revamp!

Hi Swaggernauts!
Noticed the new template?
All the links are NOT GONE. They turn blue when you mouse-over them. I hope you like the new layout!

From ysoliman2010


Hi Swaggernauts!
I have created our own Facebook Page!
Get swagcodes, news and other updates where-ever you are, on your iPhone, on a netbook, anywhere! This group is open now. Pictures and other layout changes will be in progress. Spam and advertisments will result in immediate bans and barred accounts.

Click here to go to the Page
(Layout will be updated soon)

From ysoliman2010

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Step 2.... Sidebar Gadget Change

Hi SwagTastic Swaggernauts!
Step 2 of my big revamp - updating the sidebar! Look out for new links, gadgets and much more! That's all I can tell you...


New header... Just the start!

Hi Swaggernaut Blog Viewers!
Did you notice my new Header! I made it on Paint.NET!
If you want to make your own blog header - download Paint.NET and make a new canvas 720 Wide by 120 Height. This header took about 30mins to make. This is the first of it. Get ready for a brand new revamp of this blog.

From Administrator ysoliman2010
Have a swagging-good day!

Good Morning!

Hi Swaggernauts!
I have uploaded a folder with some pictures of SwagBucks denominations for you to use, print out or do something with. You can access the download link from a mirror below. These images can not be used commercially as they are a Trademark of Prodege and SwagBucks Ltd.

Mirror #1 - working (fast, updated)
Mirror #2 - FIXED - WORKING (secondary mirror, fast but not updated as much as #1)

from ysoliman2010

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Toolbar Downloaders!

Hi Swaggernauts!
Thanks to two of you for downloading the Toolbar! When there are 5 active users who have used the toolbar for more than three days, I will release a message with some special blog info and upcoming updates!

Have a nice night (UK time)

-- Click here to download the Toolbar - Automatically detects browser.

My Earnings

Hi Swaggernauts,
Slow swag day for me!

Anyway, my earnings for today are:

  • 10sb for GMail
  • 10sb for noon swag
  • 2sb for NOSO
  • 2sb for toolbar login
making a total of 24sb earnt today.

My target is to earn 1000sb by the 1st May.


Friday, 2 April 2010

13sb for a Photo? - POLL

Hi Swaggernauts!
Yesterday and Today TSG will be giving out 13sb to all the swaggernauts who uploaded a SB profile pic before April 1st. I got my 13sb on April 1st! Well, it's time for another Poll! Let's find out what you think!

Poll does not expire. Will be deleted in a few weeks.

FROM ysoliman2010

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hi Swaggernauts!
Has anyone downloaded my toolbar yet?
Come on, just download it and see how useful it can become...

from ysoliman2010

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

SwagBuck Denomination Update

Hi Swaggernauts, have you heard that TSG has released multiple swagbuck wins! Instead of winning 10sb at once, you can win:

  • 11sb to
  • 19sb at once!

Have a look at some of the pictures of the new minibills above: ^